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Trip Around the World – Hexagon Style



Six more hexagons and I’ll be ready for some more neutrals. But now I wonder.  How long is this going to be a toteable project? I started off thinking I would stitch hexagons into strips and then attach them to the center, but found out quickly that was not the best plan.

For now, I guess I’ll just keep going and then worry about it later. It will be a few more rounds before it doesn’t fit in my bag.

April’s Recap



Here’s the April recap.

  • Bound a quilt for a friend
  • Started a hexie project
  • Made significant progress on Jared Takes A Wife
  • Knit 2 rows on the shawl
  • Hemmed a prom press
  • Completed the embroidery for the baby quilt and finished the top


Did Someone Say New Project?




I’m nearly done with line 3 of the baby music quilt. Two more notes, two more bar lines and the staff to where the thread is on the right.  Then I’ve got to trace off one more line of music.