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What’s On My Design Wall? – 8/24

For those of you expecting the Blue and Yellow Stars, I’m happy to report I finished that top last week.

I am now on to my oldest UFO, the anniversary Double Wedding Ring. The saga thus far is told in this post.

Saturday night I ripped apart the arcs which had not already been sewn to the melons. Sunday I carefully trimmed the pieces with my new templates. By dinner I had reconstructed 4 arcs, sewn them to the melons and attached the melons to the background. I already had 4 rings sewn together in the box, so I added my new ring to the row.

I’ve got to cut more pieces. Before I can do anymore.

Over the next few weeks, this will be my main project, with a few SBS BOW and swap blocks thrown in. I have 26 more rings to piece before I can call this quilt a top.

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What’s On My Design Wall? – 8/17

Last week I slowly got the Blue and Yellow stars sewn together into rows. Got to the setting triangles and realized I hadn’t washed the fabric. So, while it was in the wash, I took off for Heritage to pick up the finishing fabric for the Kansas Spirit BOM.

Boy did I have a scare when I got the first few blocks up. The contrast between the setting squares and the BOM squares was huge. I felt much better once I got the side setting triangles up — or at least the pieces for them up.

Yesterday I asked my DH about the quilt. The last time he had walked through the room I had the stars up. He was surprised that I had as much of the quilt done since it was a pile of fabric around 4 the previous day. It occurred to me later that he thought I had made all of the blocks and not just the setting blocks.

As soon as I get permission to post a picture of the quilt, I will. In the meantime see what other quilters have on their design wall by visiting Judy’s blog at Patchwork Times.

What’s On My Design Wall? – 8/10

The stars are still on my wall. I’ve decided on this arrangement of blocks. Still no idea on borders, but I figure I’ll figure that out when I get there.

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What’s On My Design Wall? – 8/3

What’s on my Design Wall? A wider longer wall for one thing. This is a 60 x 102 tablecloth. I folded over about 19 inches at the top. This reinforces the buttonholes and shortens the tablecloth. I didn’t center it on the fireplace this time since I needed to avoid the grout. The buttonholes are spaced about 9 1/2″ apart and there are 7 of them.

The quilt is my Birthday Quilt. The blue and white Pennsylvania blocks are from a swap I did on the QIAD Forum. Last Thursday I decided I needed to work on something mindless and bigger than the 6″ blocks with lots of pieces. This was the project since it involved working on a UFO, cutting fabric, and seeing quick progress.

The stars are not in their final location. I’ve got to see how the other blue and yellow stars turn out. I also have to decide if I want to float the center or make 1/2 Pennsylvania blocks to take it to the border. Right now I’m thinking a narrow yellow border and then a wider blue border, but I’m not there yet, so who knows.

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What’s On My Design Wall? – 7/27

Multiple things.

A couple of weeks ago I pulled out my birthday blocks with the intention of making star blocks. Then technology reigned havoc, and there was no quilting going on. Then I started cleaning up and hung the table runner on the wall, as much to get it out of the way as to work on the applique. (There’s that “A” word).

Finally this past week I had to start piecing or go crazy, so I’ve been working on my Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler blocks. These are the last three I’ve finished. To jump start my piecing, as well as my SBS, I’ve joined a Blue and Brown swap on the SBS list.

Due to the number of blocks in the quilt, this swap is different than others I’ve joined in the past. We make a set of 5 blocks to swap and can make up to 5 sets of blocks, each set having different focus fabric. I picked 10 blocks I’d be happy to make and started ‘testing’ them in the 30’s reproduction fabric for my quilt. I got my list last night and Ladies’ Aid Album (bottom block) is one of my swap blocks, and it this weeks BOW.

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Computer Issues and Design Wall Inspiration

I’m having computer issues, so no pictures and this will be short.

Back in May, when Judy prompted us to show what was on our design wall, I had to figure out how to create the wall. I searched for the posting so I could give credit, but was unable to locate it until now.

Lyn posted on the Quilt In a Day forum her design wall, and that’s when it came together for me.

My post back in May shows how I implemented the wall. Yesterday I bought a larger tablecloth for $3 and eventually, I’ll make the buttonhole and put up a couple of more hooks to hang it. Have to clear the sewing machine off first.

Anyway — thanks Lyn for making this click for me.

What’s on My Design Wall – 6/29

What’s on my design wall? Technically the same thing as last week. So I’ll answer the question “What am I working on right now?” It’s this red work snowman from Crabapple Hill’s Winter Wonderland. I bought this pattern several years ago and have been working off and on on the red work. I’ve also been collecting red and white fabrics to make the pieced blocks.

One block was finished a while back, and I just finished the second block a couple of weeks ago. This is what I grab when I know I’m going to be waiting somewhere. In addition to the block in the hoop, I have two more traced off and ready to go. There is no deadline for this quilt top, so when I finish up the red work, I’ll start on the pieced block.

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What’s on My Design Wall – 6/22

Last week’s design wall project is finished. I posted about it a couple of days ago. So, it’s on to a new project.

This week it is this table runner I made from the Kansas Troubles Quilters Cranberry Wishes line. Yes, it’s a new project (so much for no new starts). Last fall I bought a jelly roll to make a couple of table runners and a bag from the Jammin’ Table Toppers & Bag pattern, also from KTQ.

Although it looks to be finished, I want to add the raw edge applique flowers to the ends of the runner. I’m actually trying to figure out if I can fashion a poinsettia since this is a Christmas line. I’ll either figure it out, go with the flowers as designed, or call it done.

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What’s on My Design Wall – 6/15

Nothing at the moment. I finished up the quilt from last week and haven’t gotten anything else out.

That’s not to say I haven’t been quiting. I’ve made the next three Kansas Spirit BOM samples for the LQS, I finished the Pink and Brown quilt and I made a birthday block for a swap I’m in.

Currently, I suppose you could say my design wall is the ironing board.

This is a UFO from the early 90’s. It was supposed to be my husband’s godson’s high school graduation present. I never finished it. One of the QCC (Quality Control Cats) threw up on it. But don’t worry, he eventually got this quilt a few years ago.

Anyway, the front of this quilt is alternating squares of stars on a blue background with a red and white stripe. It seems I pieced the front and was going to do wide sew flip borders. The center section and the top and bottom borders were already sewn down, but there is no quilting in the center. I’m going to have to do some sort of ‘tacking’ to quilt it, as I’ll quilt more puckers into it doing anything else. I’ve got one of the side borders on and just need to fix a spot on the other borer and then I’ll be ready to do whatever quilting it’s going to get.

Part of me says rip the border off and ‘do it right’. But the part of me who wants it finished says just go with it. There’s nothing special about this quilt, but I’m sure it will keep someone warm this winter.

What’s on My Design Wall?

Today it’s “Cherry Frolic”.

My design wall is only 48 x 60, so only one quilt at a time can be up on the wall at a time. Ladder to the Stars came down Saturday night so I could throw together ‘Cherry Frolic’. This quilt is from 40 Fabulous Quick-Cut Quilts by Evelyn Sloppy and is called Fall Frolic in the book. Since I’m using the Oh-Cherry-Oh fabric line, mine is called Cherry Frolic.

Yesterday I got the blocks sewn into rows, so this evening I’ll work on getting the rows sewn into a top. Then Ladder to the Stars will go back up. I worked on the sashings a bit, and think I have them figured out, but didn’t get as far as testing my theory.

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