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How One Quilt Top Becomes Two


4 or 5 years ago I made this quilt top from Bonnie Hunter’s free pattern Star Struck. It measures 64″ x 80″. My intention was to eventually quilt it and bind it in either red or blue when I got that far.  Last night I started packing up the quilt tops I’m sending to Vicki and I thought about this one.  It’s too big for the purposes of Country School Quilters, but with the removal of 4 rows it’s about right — 48″ x 64″.


But now I have 32 “orphan blocks” and there’s room in the box for one more quilt top.

I dug through my neutral stash and made this ‘Boston Commons’ layout with the rest of the stars. – 3/4 of yard of fabric from my stash, no orphan blocks and two quilt tops for the quilters to give to the veteran’s hospital.

Starstruck II

It’s a win all the way around.

UFO Count (Quilts in Progress + Tops to Be Quilted):  63 down from 69 January 1st.

Another Top

Friday evening I finished sewing the rows together on Star Struck.  When I started this quilt back in May my intention was to go borderless. The top currently measures about 64″ x 80″ which is roughly the size I aim for when I’m not making the quilt for a specific bed/space.  originally I was going to use the gold accent as the binding, but I think it’s too light.  Now I’m leaning toward a darker blue.   I just have to decide if borderless is still what I want.


Design Wall Monday

Star Struck is hanging from my ‘design shelves’ today. There is a reason I only got 4 pairs of rows sewn together Saturday. See the rows hanging from the last hanger on the right?  The top left star is blue — it should be red.  I discovered this as  I was hanging the rows up.  So, instead of having to rip out a row of stars and sew them together the other way, I simply unpinned the other two rows.  I can sew a row to either side of this pair and everything will be OK.  Now when will I get to it is entirely another question.

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Design Wall Monday

Last month week I made significant progress on the red stars.  The blue ones have been done for a while.  I still need to finish up another 20 red stars – just the center seam – so it won’t take long.  But on the other hand since I’m doing my best to focus on the DWR, this might just take me all month.

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Star Struck Progress

Each month I list out what I want to accomplish during the month.  Sometimes it’s easily done, other times I’m overly optimistic -or get distracted. Unless I don’t sleep or take the next two days off from work, this is going to be an optimistic/distracted  month.

One of my goals for the month was to “Make progress on Star Struck”.  Furthermore somewhere I defined the progress as completing at least 20 blocks — which would get all of the blue blocks made.    Well, I’ve finished those blue blocks, made a couple of red blocks and sewed the squares on the rest of the red units.  If I I had been thinking, I would have been using this quilt as my leader/ender project instead of Blue Ridge Beauty.  Oh well.

Regardless, I’ll be able to say “Done” to Make Progress on Star Struck on Thursday.

Now to “Make progress on the Cream & Green quilt”.  Does uncovering it again count?

August Quilting Goals

This month I hope to spend more time in my sewing room. I don’t have to work any weekends, so that will help tremendously. My Double Wedding Ring and my Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler quilts have not been touched for months, so I really need to get back to these two quilts. Naturally there are other bits and pieces I’d like to accomplish as well.

  • Keep up with the SBS BOW and the monthly Offline Quilters’ challenges.  This month the goal is 5 blocks on row A.   Who knows what the BOW will bring.  The end result should be 10 more blocks toward the 140.
  • Three 12″ blocks – two are for a swap and one is the KVQG BOM.  I should get the BOM pattern sometime next week.
  • Quilt, Bind and Label the baby 1000 Pyramids – since I’m waiting for the baby to be born, the label might roll to September.
  • Resume quilting on the DWR.  I’ve taken the quilt from the floor frame and put it in the lap hoop.  Last night I worked on it for a while.  I’ll get back to you on how I like the hoop.
  • Finish piecing the Star Struck blocks.  This would be a good project for a sew-in with my quilting buddies.  We haven’t had one of those for a while.
  • Quilt my Texas Braid. Alright, I admit it.  This is my long shot.

Will I finish everything I’ve put out on my list?  Who knows.  Check back with me through the month to see.

QA Wednesday

From last week’s post:

So this week will be devoted to finding the guest room and if I’m lucky I’ll get to sneak a few minutes of sewing in.

The house is clean – if you don’t look in my sewing room – so now I can sew. Three of the girls arrived last night and then they went to a movie. I took a nap, but did get about 15-20 minutes of piecing done on Star Struck. With 8 more seams, I’ll have another 8 blue stars.

This afternoon I’m off work (and tomorrow too) — originally, I was going to pick up the 4th girl for our Justin Bieber concert party, but my wonderful husband took the three girls and drove up to get her. I think they’ve gone to the mall so I have time to QUILT — or maybe I’ll go take a nap. I’ve been told I get to stay up tonight with the girls after the concert.

So, what’s on the agenda for this week?

#1 – move the Double Wedding Ring from the floor frame to the lap hoop. I don’t know if this will require re-basting or not. I guess I won’t know until I try.
#2 – work on Star Struck
#3 – since the rest of the house is clean, I now need to work on my sewing room

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What’s On My Design Wall

Is anyone surprised that Star Struck is still on the wall? We’ve been cleaning and working in the yard, so no quilting has been done since about Tuesday. Although only two new blocks have been added, I now have the gold sewn to all of the blue units. They are also paired up so I can quickly sew together units to make 1/2 blocks — whenever I get back to the sewing machine.

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Stash Report

It’s been a busy week, not that I could tell you what I’ve done all week. But it was very little quilting after about Monday or Tuesday. Early this week I finished cutting the gold accent pieces for Star Struck. Nothing inbound quilting related except for the quilting hoop and book. Oh, yes, I picked up the current issue of Country Woman last night at Jo-Ann’s. There is an article about Jennifer Chiaverini and I think a quilt pattern in it. We were in Jo-Ann’s to pick up a piece of upholstery fabric to cover the seat of a small loveseat. That’s what I’ll be doing today.

So here’s the tally:

Fabric Added this Week: 0 yards
Fabric Added to Date: 132.011 yards

Fabric Used this Week: .7 yards
Fabric Used to Date: 56.606 yards

Net Stash for 2010: 75.405 yards

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What’s On My Design Wall

Yes, Star Struck is still on my design wall. But I have done more piecing on it.

When I get these pieces sew together I’ll have completed 40 blocks. I’m aiming for 80, so I still have a way to go.

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