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A Treadle Project



Scrappy Trips was completely made on my treadle machine “Miss Florence Jane“. Everything from piecing the blocks, assembling the quilt top, piecing the quilt backing, the quilting itself, piecing the binding and attaching the binding – both front and back to the quilt was done on the treadle. The only thing I didn’t do on the treadle was stitch the label down. I did that by hand.

I used Scrappy Trips, a Bonnie Hunter pattern for the blocks, and then set them as one big trip.

The quilt tops was started April 4, 2013 and I finished the top January 11, 2014.  I started the quilting on January 10, 2015 and put the last stitch in the label on January 15, 2015.

The washed quilt measures 68″ x 90″.  I used Hobb’s Heirloom Natural Cotton Batting. I used a khaki colored thread on the top and a white thread in the bobbin.  The binding is red with a gold flange. I used Susie’s Magic Binding.  The backing was pieced from two 60″ wide lengths of this Kansas City Chiefs fabric which came from Mom.



I’ll link this finish up to:

Magic Binding



I love Susie’s Magic Binding. But getting it (or suspect any binding) onto this quilt is an exercise in coordination and strength.  The quilt is  70″ x 90″ and rather heavy. Trying to keep it from getting hung up on the sewing table while treadling and keeping an even seam width is trying.  I’ve got a little across the short edge stitched to the quilt plus one long side.  But I couldn’t resist seeing how the binding is going to look after I get it stitched down. Perhaps I’ll get the rest of the way around the quilt tomorrow.


Quilting Plans for June



When it comes to quilting, I always think I can get more done than I can in the amount of time I have available. This month will probably prove the point. Of these 5 projects I want to completely finish 2 of them and get the other 3 tops made.

Top left – Jared Takes a Wife.  Two seams on each block and then a simple set with sashing and cornerstones. Middle left – Orca Bay. I think I have all the pieces sew for the center of the quilt – I still need to finish piecing the border. Bottom left – Eeyore. Still in pieces.

Top Right – Scrappy Trips Around the World – I’m planning on quilting this on the treadle. I brought the backing fabric up from the basement this morning. Bottom Right – Candy Sunflower Seeds. It has a pieced border which I’ve been working on as my leader/ender.

If I only focus on these 5 quilts, it could happen.  I leave for a quilt retreat in two weeks. My plan is to focus on Eeyore and hopefully finish him.  Then at the retreat I should be able to finish the 3 quilt tops. (That is if I don’t take all the projects I have stacked on the ironing board to take with me – 3 new quilts and 2 to finish.) Which means I’ll have a week and a half to get Scrappy Trips quilted.


What’s On My Design Wall



The plan was to work on the red, white and black Rail Fence. I was going to trim the blocks and Sydney would assemble the quilt top.  The Bobbin Winder fiasco threw that plan off, and then Sydney said the quilt didn’t have a deadline, but she had another that did. Her teacher’s child has been in the hospital and she wanted to give her a quilt.

I’m not positive how it came about, but my husband asked me if I had any partially completed tops Sydney could finish for this quilt. I looked through my UFOs and pulled swap blocks. Between my husband and Sydney they decided the 7 purple blocks and 14 log cabin blocks could be put together into a quilt.  These blocks had been given to me by another quilter who didn’t think she would get around to making anything with them.  I had them on my Quilts In Progress list as two quilts.  They make an awesome quilt together and I get to cross 2 UFOs off my list!

The quilt finishes at about 47″ x 58″. Soft and Bright batting. Yellow thread in the bobbin and top. Quilted in a wavy crosshatch.

Also “completed” this week is Scrappy Trips which I made on my grandmother’s treadle machine.



I know how I want to quilt it, I just have to decide on a backing fabric and decide if I want to attempt to quilt it on the treadle.

Up next — trimming the rail fence blocks for Sydney’s next visit and figuring out how I’m going to quilt Deadline III.


To see what others are working on, checked out the links over at Patchwork Times.

Scrappy Trips Progress



After putting Deadline IV into the wash, I pulled out Scrappy Trips, my treadle project. I needed to finish up about a dozen blocks.  Now that I have I’m ready to sew them into a top. Earlier tonight I re-arranged blocks until I got them organized, but I think I want to swap the 4th block on the 3rd row with the 5th block on the 4th row before I sew the top right quarter together.

This is #9 on my Tops to Complete list.