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The Best Laid Plans

At the end of the year, I compiled a list of quilts that I wanted to finish in the first quarter. Of course I listed EVERYTHING on my UFO/WIP and To Be Quilted list as well to cover all the bases.  Then I went beyond that and listed several kits (some purchased, and other I put together from stash) that I was considering for the year.

Friday afternoon I realized I couldn’t lay my hands on the finished section of my Star-A-Day quilt — the one which ideally I should have finished this past September and that I’m only 1/3 of the way through. After work I went over to the LQS where a retreat was going on and the ladies oohed and aahed over the single tiny star I had with me.  While I was there I spent time tracing and cutting out a couple of stars. But when I came home I was determined to find the wayward section.  I did – it was in a box with fabric I’ve pulled for additional stars — more or less right where it should have been, but the box is not labeled and there’s other stuff in it as well.


Anyway, before I found it I tripped over a few things.  The leftover backing from the Eeyore quilt. I was looking for it before Christmas and couldn’t figure out where I put it.  The section measures 44″ x 70″ so it’s nearly big enough to be its own quilt. I think another 6″ to 10″ to the width and it will be ready to quilt. So, add this to the list of quilts to be finished this year, possibly this quarter. Of course since I know where it’s headed I want to get it done “now”.


Then I found a bundle of brights with some Caterwauling and Cool Cats fabrics. Last summer I was trying to figure out what to make with these fabrics and bundled them together.  I think I’ll use them to test the new pattern I’m writing. It won’t be exact as the pattern just calls for 5 fabrics – a focus/border, background and 3 other fabrics, but for the initial test, this will work just fine – just as soon as I settle on a background fabric. This is another get it done “now” projects.

So, 3 new quilts are added to the list for this year: the music quilt, the initial test quilt and then the test BOM when the fabric arrives.

It’s no wonder my WIP/UFO list is so long.

One Thought on “The Best Laid Plans

  1. It’s always the last place you look! Glad you found the pieced backing. I like the combo of fabrics for your next design. Hope for some sneak peeks. I will be doing some list making of UFO’/TBQ/Wips again for next month. Can’t believe January is almost over.

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