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What’s On My Design Wall


RedDp9The design wall proper is empty, but the Crazy Challenge II is progressing. The Red Disappearing 9-Patch is done. It just needs washing and photographing.  I’ll wash it as soon as I get the pillowcase made.



The hardware quilt is done. I’m so glad I couldn’t find the extra backing fabric. I love the pop of red. I need to get this quilt labeled and it will go into the wash when I finish the pillowcase. BTW I finally found the extra backing fabric. I had decided it was too dark for the neutral box and not dark enough for the brown box and it ended up in the yellow and Halloween box.



This Black and Pink 4-Patch Stacked Posies quilt is a hug quilt. I need to finish cleaning up the threads, make the label and finish the pillowcase, then it will go in the wash.  I think Butterscotch is trying to tell me something. I know I’ve stopped for the night. The pillowcases will be finished up this evening.


I re-evaluated and realized I needed two more pillowcases for a total 7 not associated with quilts. These are cut to size, but before I can put them together, the inside of the cuff will get a label and I need to make two more labels. Maybe Tuesday?

So, what’s left?



That lime green needs to be made into a backing for the Black and Bright quilt. The quilt needs to be put on the zippers and I have to figure out how I’m going to quilt it on Saturday. That’s got to be Wednesday’s project.

The Cream and Green hanging to the shelves and under the lime green needs to be finished, as does the Compass Lone Star on top. They will need labels and pillowcases of course. I think these two will be necessity get pushed to next week.

And the mystery quilt?  I think I printed off the instructions and put them with the fabric — but at this point, I’m not sure. But clearly there is no more work on it until after the first of the year, and possibly not until February. I’ve been given two commissions for quilts which need to be done in January.

If you don’t hear from me, you’ll know why. I’m buried under quilts!

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