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More Hourglasses


We replaced the light bulbs in my sewing room with 100 watt equivalent LED bulbs.  I can see!  I only mention it because I finally was able to get a decent picture of the work so far on the hourglass quilt.  It goes fast when I’m working on it — but I can’t work on it too long or my hand/wrist starts hurting.  I may have to resort to machine piecing the top.  The stitching lines will still need to be marked. These blocks are wonky.

What’s On My Design Wall

Several years ago when I was helping a friend clean out her mother’s home, I was given a bag of vintage hour glass blocks. They are hand pieced. They’ve been knows as “Jane’s Hourglasses” on my UFO spreadsheet. After counting the blocks and extra pieces in the bag I have 285 hourglass blocks that finish at 2 – 1/2″.

It took me a while to figure out what these units were going to be. Last year’s Leader/Ender challenge, which I did not do, apparently took hold in my brain. After drawing for a bit in my spreadsheet (my computer was just limping along and I couldn’t run EQ) I came up with a trip around the world design which will finish approximately 62″ x 72″.

There will be 5 rings of hourglasses separated by a 2-1/2″ ring of the solid, finishing with 5″ borders. I’m hand piecing this partly to keep with the original blocks and mostly because these blocks are not precise and have bias edges.

This much went pretty quickly, but I’m not holding my breath on finishing the top anytime soon. Hopefully the next time you see this quilt top I’ll have a decent photo. The photo color is not true, but I’m tired of messing with it.