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UFO Busting Report


It’s time to report on our UFO progress. It seems like I didn’t get anything done except the yard, but looking at my notes, I did make some progress.


I completed the Red Disappearing 9-Patch quilt top that I cut out in late May, and I’ve stitched together 10 of the 36 green 9-patches I need for the Green Disappearing 9-Patch. The pile of large squares (50 of them) will be used to make the backing for the 3 Disappearing 9-Patch quilt tops.  I still need to cut another 270 squares!

July 1st I joined in the Bonnie Hunter Tumbler Challenge. But my total count has not changed as I crossed off Rectangle Wrangler as I  repurposed the 2-1/2″ strips I had cut it into tumblers.



So, my numbers are as follows:

  • # Project In Process July 1 – 63
  • # Projects Completed – 0
  • # new project started – 1
  • # UFOs re-purposed – 1
  • # projects in process July 30 – 63

My goal this month is to get all three of the Disappearing 9-patch quilts finished now that the yard work is done. We’ll see if it happens.

Check out the links and comments over at Field Trips in Fiber to see how others are doing with their UFOs.

The UFO Report


Since this is the 4th of July, I thought I would start with a picture of my red, white & blue Ladder to the Stars and Gracie that I took this morning. Ladder to the Stars was worked on in several stages. Started in 2009, the blocks came together quickly, but then the pieced sashing required thought and it was nearly 5 months later before I got them made and the center of the quilt assembled. It was another 3 months before I got the borders on the top. Then it sat for 3 years before I got it quilted. It was finished in 2013.

The short answer to the June UFO report is that I started with 63 UFOs and I finished June with 63 UFOs. The only change is that one quilt moved from the Work in Progress list to the To Be Quilted list.  So I’m going to recap the first 6 months of the year.

January 1st I started off with 36 quilts in progress, I’ve started 5 new projects, declared 1 orphan blocks and finished 7 quilt tops bringing my total Works in Progress to 33 as of June 30th.

The year started off with 33 quilt top waiting to be quilted, those 7 quilt tops I finished were added to the list, I personally quilted and finished 5 quilt tops and donated 5 quilt tops bringing my total to 30.

So in summary I’m making progress I’m down 6 projects for the year.

May’s Progress / June’s Goals

Here it is the first of June and time to check on my quilting goals. Except for the Star-A-Day (my husband is calling Star-A-Week) I got everything done.

  • Finish the graduation quilt by the 16th – Donegradquiltdone-top-tweak
  • Finish Orca Bay – Doneorcabaydone2
  • Trace and cut stars for the Star-Every-Other-Day Quilt (I’m not even certain I can pull that off – we’ll have to see) – Didn’t touch!
  • Regroup on Sew Scrappy – Donesewscrappy-cut
  • Cut squares from my recycled shirts and associated solids for 3 different Disappearing 9-patches in preparation for the Retreat. – Donedw0525-2

Finishing Eye Fooler allowed me to add to my Block Count over at Prairie Moon Quilts.

  • 350 Block Report: 27 for a total of 151 – ahead of the year to date goal of 140

The UFO Busting Report with these finishes and starts looks like this:

  • # of Projects in Process May 1st: 63
  • # of Projects Completed: 2 (Orca Bay & Eye Fooler)
  • # of new Projects started: 3 (3 DP9)
  • # of projects declared orphans 1 (2011 BOM)
  • # of Projects in Process May 31th: 63

So, what’s up for June?

  • Complete the 3 Disappearing 9-patch tops
  • Complete the Sew Scrappy top
  • Finish Diamond Links
  • Make progress on the Star-A-Day quilt

Will I get everything done or get diverted by another project? Only time will tell.

Another UFO Bites the Dust


Actually, it is more a realization that this quilt will not get made — that and I wanted to clear a project box. These are the first two blocks of the 2010-2011 BOM that my guild was doing. I managed to print off the first 4 blocks, but then between a computer melt down and dropping out of the guild I didn’t get the rest of the patterns. So, I’m crossing this quilt off my WIP list and putting the two blocks in my Orphan Quilt Block Box. One of these days I’m going to have to make something with all of those blocks.

The Graduation Quilt Is Finished!

The Graduation Quilt is finished and delivered.


gradquiltdone-border detail


  • Pattern:  Eye Fooler from Quail Valley Quilts
  • 16 3/4 yards of fabric in top, backing, binding and pillowcase
  • Batting: Hobbs 80/20 Black
  • Top Thread: Superior Threads So Fine! Color # 722 – Crickey!
  • BobbinThread: Superior Threads Super Bob – Black (nearly 2 size M’s)
  • Quilting design: AMPANTO03 Curly Q by Aimee Mahan
  • Quilting time: approximately 3 hours
  • Binding: Susie’s Magic Binding
  • Size before washing: 78″ x 96″
  • Size after washing: 74″ x 90″
  • Started: 2/18/15
  • Finished: 5/15/15

This quilt was on my UFO list in several challenges. I’ll add the links when the corresponding post goes live.

UFO Busting

It’s time to link up with Vicki over at Field Trips In Fiber my UFO Busting Report for March.

# of Projects in Process March 1st: 67
# of Projects Completed: 0
# of new Projects started: 1
# UFOs trashed Tops sent to new homes: 5
# of Projects in Process March 31st: 63

I hope to finish at least one quilt this month. We’ll see  how it goes.

How One Quilt Top Becomes Two


4 or 5 years ago I made this quilt top from Bonnie Hunter’s free pattern Star Struck. It measures 64″ x 80″. My intention was to eventually quilt it and bind it in either red or blue when I got that far.  Last night I started packing up the quilt tops I’m sending to Vicki and I thought about this one.  It’s too big for the purposes of Country School Quilters, but with the removal of 4 rows it’s about right — 48″ x 64″.


But now I have 32 “orphan blocks” and there’s room in the box for one more quilt top.

I dug through my neutral stash and made this ‘Boston Commons’ layout with the rest of the stars. – 3/4 of yard of fabric from my stash, no orphan blocks and two quilt tops for the quilters to give to the veteran’s hospital.

Starstruck II

It’s a win all the way around.

UFO Count (Quilts in Progress + Tops to Be Quilted):  63 down from 69 January 1st.

Another Red, White & Blue Sampler


These are more sampler, shop hop and test blocks. I think I see a couple of left over blocks from a mystery quilt that I made incorrectly as well.  Now to package up the last three tops for Vicki.

This brings my current UFO (Quilts in Progress + Tops to Be Quilted) count to 64 from January 1st’s count of 69.

Stash Report / February Recap



A whole lot of fabric passed under my needle this past week – the majority of it at the retreat Friday and Saturday. Most of the units needed for the blocks for the graduation quilt  are made.  I still need all of the HST in both sizes and the triangle in a square units for the outer blocks. That pile in the top right corner is the start of the block assembly.

Stash Report: – Reported at Patchwork Times

Fabric Added Since Last Report 0.25 yards (FQ from the retreat)
Fabric Added to Date: 18.91 yards

Fabric Used Since Last Report: 0.75 yards (Orca Bay Borders)
Fabric Used to Date: 16.964 yards

INCREASE in Stash to Date:  1.946 yards

350 Blocks Report at Prairie Moon Quilts

I reported 23 blocks.  I counted the Orca Bay pieced border as 10 and I finished 13 stars.



I have nothing to show for the UFO Parade at 52 Quilts in 52 Weeks. Orca Bay only made it to the top stage.

UFO Busting Link Up

  • # of Projects in Process February 1st: 66
  • # of Projects Completed: 0
  • # of New Projects Started: 1
  • # of Projects in Process February 28th: 67



UFO Busting Link Up

It’s the end of the month and time to report my UFO Busting Progress.


  • # of Projects in Process January 1st: 69
  • # of Projects Completed: 3
  • # of New Projects Started: 0
  • # of Projects in Process January 31st: 66


The three projects are Jewels in the Night — it just needed the binding stitched down;  Scrappy Trips which needed quilting; and Jared Takes a Wife which also needed quilting.
Additionally I worked on 4 other UFOs. I finished the Christmas BOM quilt top; the rest of the Alphabet BOM blocks; and made 15 stars for my Star-A-Day quilt (as of 1/29).  Finally, I’ve pulled out the Orca Bay box and have started attaching the sashing to the blocks.
Above all, I’ve managed to not start anything new!
I’m linking up with Vicki Welsh‘s 2015 .