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What’s On My Design Wall



Just 5 more seams and the center of Orca Bay will be done. Also, I made 6 stars for the Star-A-Day quilt. I need to finish 2 more and then I’ll have enough to finish the first section.

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Orca Bay Progress


I’ve still have stuff stacked in front of the design wall, but it’s not from the desks.  Most of the desk stuff is put away, but there is still a smaller box on my cutting table.  This means the ironing board & treadle are cleared and I’ve been sewing.  This is half of the center of Orca Bay – the 2011 Bonnie Hunter Mystery which is not available in her book String Fling.

To clear the stuff in front of the design wall, I’m going to have to deal with the shirts which I’ve collected. I have an idea which should use plenty of the fabric and be quick to put together, but it would be a “new start”, and I’m not ready to do a new start yet. Perhaps after I get the Orca Bay top done.

A Few More Blocks



I really need my design wall back–it’s hard to see what’s really going on with the blocks flapping. There’s enough room to add another 10 blocks, but I need to put up 26 blocks. To that end, I finally emptied the 2nd big crate and found the missing W-2! Guess who is doing taxes this weekend?



I’m using the 1st crate to gather up extra computer parts and other stuff which shouldn’t live in my room.  Note – there are no pictures of the flat surfaces in the room. There’s a reason for that, but it’s not as bad as it has been/can be.

Orca Bay Wednesday



Sometimes a girl just needs to sneak in a few minutes at the sewing machine.  I still can’t get to the design wall, so I found a length of flannel and pinned it to my shelves and the blocks to the flannel.  But have no fear, I am working through this mess.


Here’s Butterscotch inspecting the bin I had just emptied.  Gracie it seems is camera-shy.


What’s On My Design Wall



I still can’t get to my design wall, but the Great Desk replacement has entered its final phase.  Both computers are set back up I have more desk surface and drawers, the air vent is not blocked and the wires are basically corralled.  The only major thing left is to get a keyboard tray mounted to the bottom of the black desk — we’ve got one but didn’t find it when we were looking this weekend.

Believe it or not, I still got a bit of sewing in last week.



All of the Orca Bay blocks have the sashing attached to the left side of the block and the cornerstones have been sewn to most of the sashing. I’ve simply have a few blocks laid out on the ironing board.

The rest of the week will be spent unloading the boxes, arranging stuff in the new file drawers, finding a spot for the recycling and trash cans and hanging the wall hanging backup. Hopefully I’ll get a bit of sewing in as well.

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Orca Bay Wednesday



116 string geese are ready to become sashing in my Orca Bay quilt a Quiltville Mystery from several years ago.  That little pile on the right need to be fixed as they in no way measure 3-1/2″ x 6-1/2″.  I’m going to have to dig my sewing machine out from the office mess to fix them. My best guess is it will be another couple of weeks before the office is in order again.  We are still tweaking the desk area.


Quilting Plans for June



When it comes to quilting, I always think I can get more done than I can in the amount of time I have available. This month will probably prove the point. Of these 5 projects I want to completely finish 2 of them and get the other 3 tops made.

Top left – Jared Takes a Wife.  Two seams on each block and then a simple set with sashing and cornerstones. Middle left – Orca Bay. I think I have all the pieces sew for the center of the quilt – I still need to finish piecing the border. Bottom left – Eeyore. Still in pieces.

Top Right – Scrappy Trips Around the World – I’m planning on quilting this on the treadle. I brought the backing fabric up from the basement this morning. Bottom Right – Candy Sunflower Seeds. It has a pieced border which I’ve been working on as my leader/ender.

If I only focus on these 5 quilts, it could happen.  I leave for a quilt retreat in two weeks. My plan is to focus on Eeyore and hopefully finish him.  Then at the retreat I should be able to finish the 3 quilt tops. (That is if I don’t take all the projects I have stacked on the ironing board to take with me – 3 new quilts and 2 to finish.) Which means I’ll have a week and a half to get Scrappy Trips quilted.


What’s On My Design Wall


First off, I finished the quilting and binding on this quilt for Sydney.  She pieced the top. It measures about 51″ square. I think she’s giving it to her cousin.

As for my own quilts…


All the green star points have been sewn, so into pairs and then I can start piecing the blocks.


I cut the squares for the replacement 4-patches for this UFO. The original 4-patches are bright white and the blocks are off white/cream.  I’ve got 6 different light fabrics to use in the border. These are going to be my leader/enders at the retreat this weekend.


My projects are packed – Orca Bay (Bonnie Hunter, String Fling) is in the box — ooh I need to go find my Flying Geese Ruler for “squaring” the geese  and put them in the box with the rest of the rulers I’m taking with me (12-1/2″ square, 6″ x 12″, Easy Angle and Companion Angle).

Under the box is the box with Jared Takes a Wife and the zipper bag with Candy Sunflower Seeds (The Chain Event by Dorothy Young).  In the flat zip bag is the fabric and instructions for my “August  C” done in black and batiks.

The plan for today is to make progress on Eeyore. I’d really like to have the applique done by before I go to the retreat.  We’ll see if that happens.


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What’s On My Design Wall



After finishing up the Irish Chain quilt I needed to figure out what to work on.  I pulled out Orca Bay, thinking I was ready to attach the black and white corner pieces to the purple string triangles — only I found that the paper had not been removed from the triangles yet.  I did that and then got maybe 20 “geese” built when I decided I really needed a leader/ender project.

So, I pulled out Jared Takes a Wife, cut the pink squares and green star points and the green star points will be my leader/enders. Since I had the fabric cut I went ahead and made one block up.



Finally on Saturday, I quilted Sydney’s quilt for Samantha.  It still needs trimming and binding something to get done this week.


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