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Jared Takes A Wife is a Quilt Top



This is my Jared Takes a Wife quilt top. It’s a free pattern from Bonnie Hunter.

I started making black and white 4-patches as leader/enders back in November with the intent of making Bricks and Stepping Stones, another free pattern from Bonnie. However, on the Facebook group Quiltville Open Studio, a quilt-a-long was suggested for JTAW and I repurposed my 4-patches.

I started with my border fabric and found the pink and green to use for star points and center squares. The intent was to finish the top by the end of April, but I had to set it aside a couple of times as I worked on other quilts.

The other day I found a cool variegated thread which I want to quilt this with, so now I need to find a backing.

Thanks, Bonnie for a great pattern!

It’s Beginning To Look Like A Quilt Top



This is the center of Jared Takes a Wife, a free pattern from Bonnie Hunter. It was at the top of my list of quilts to work on at the retreat. The blocks just needed two seams each and the cornerstones were cut.  But then I discovered I completely forgot a quilt which a “real” deadline, so that quilt went to the top of the list, so I didn’t pull JTAW out until either Friday or Saturday mid-morning.

Anyway after the blocks were finished and the sashing sewn to one edge, it was time to figure out which cornerstone went where and I discovered I was 5 short and now it’s Saturday evening and there are no open quilt shops.  One of the retreaters had a piece of black fabric and I decided I could put matching cornerstones in the corners and the center and it would be OK.

As I started sewing the sashing on to the last row of blocks I realized I was really short 10 cornerstones and I really didn’t want matching stones on the bottom of the quilt. So, this got tucked away and I worked on something else.

Last night I dug through my fabric and found 10 more black fabrics for cornerstones.  I replaced the two on the top row, leaving the one in the “center” so I  now have 30 unique cornerstones. Who knew I had that many black fabrics.

All that is left now is a narrow pink inner border and then the wide paisley border.  Perhaps I’ll get that done tomorrow, but I do need to make the backing for the forgotten quilt and sandwich Eeyore so I can start to quilt it.

Quilting Plans for June



When it comes to quilting, I always think I can get more done than I can in the amount of time I have available. This month will probably prove the point. Of these 5 projects I want to completely finish 2 of them and get the other 3 tops made.

Top left – Jared Takes a Wife.  Two seams on each block and then a simple set with sashing and cornerstones. Middle left – Orca Bay. I think I have all the pieces sew for the center of the quilt – I still need to finish piecing the border. Bottom left – Eeyore. Still in pieces.

Top Right – Scrappy Trips Around the World – I’m planning on quilting this on the treadle. I brought the backing fabric up from the basement this morning. Bottom Right – Candy Sunflower Seeds. It has a pieced border which I’ve been working on as my leader/ender.

If I only focus on these 5 quilts, it could happen.  I leave for a quilt retreat in two weeks. My plan is to focus on Eeyore and hopefully finish him.  Then at the retreat I should be able to finish the 3 quilt tops. (That is if I don’t take all the projects I have stacked on the ironing board to take with me – 3 new quilts and 2 to finish.) Which means I’ll have a week and a half to get Scrappy Trips quilted.


What’s On My Design Wall



This morning I have two things to show.  First up is Ladder to the Stars 2 – aka Deadline II.  This is the quilt I made back in October to test my pattern which was published yesterday in The Quilt Pattern Magazine.  Not only was I testing the pattern, I was also testing my quilting design.  It was an epic fail, so I backed up and punted to get the original Ladder to the Stars quilted.

A very good friend ripped out all of the quilting for me and then I spent the last part of the week quilting this on my sewing machine.  Curves in the sashing and straight lines in the blocks and setting triangles.  The border has a diamond cable.  I used bleached Warm and Natural batting and the thread – top & bottom – is — well shoot. I’ve lost the label — I’ve used it before so I’ll dig through the blog and find the information and add it to this post later.  cairo-quilt 100% cotton in Honey Gold.

After washing the quilt finished at 57″ x 68″.

This quilt is on several of my UFO goal lists for the year, including the 2014 Finish Along sponsored by The Littlest Thistle. I’ll update the link when I  link up.

In addition to finishing the quilt, I worked on my Jared Takes a Wife blocks.  Two more seams on each block to go.DW0602-JTAW


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Here’s the link to the 2nd Quarter Finish Party over at The Littlest Thistle and my 2nd Qtr list.

Stash Report

Whoo Hoo! It’s not bound, but it’s quilted.

At the retreat Friday and Saturday I finished the quilting on my Green, Brown and Gold Ladder to the Stars — AKA Deadline II.  I’ve been calling it Deadline II because back in October I made it to both test my Ladder to the Stars pattern and to test the quilting I wanted to do on the original Red, White & Blue Ladder to the Stars which was published today in The Quilt Pattern Magazine — an on-line quilting magazine.  It’s my first published quilt pattern!

I had about an hour after finishing up LTTS-2 to work on Jared Takes a Wife and I’m ready to assemble blocks.

Since the quilt is quilted, I get to count the backing fabric.  It’s off set by the bit of fabric I received at the retreat to make a Flip Flop block — I got the flip flops cut out, but that’s as far as I got since I was focused.  I wish I had thought to take a picture of the blocks the other ladies made. They were awesome.

Anyway here’s the weekly stats:

Fabric added this week: 0.5 yards
Fabric added to date: 77.244 yards

Fabric used this week: 3.348 yards
Fabric used to date: 52.73 yards

Net used to date: -24.514 yards

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What’s On My Design Wall


First off, I finished the quilting and binding on this quilt for Sydney.  She pieced the top. It measures about 51″ square. I think she’s giving it to her cousin.

As for my own quilts…


All the green star points have been sewn, so into pairs and then I can start piecing the blocks.


I cut the squares for the replacement 4-patches for this UFO. The original 4-patches are bright white and the blocks are off white/cream.  I’ve got 6 different light fabrics to use in the border. These are going to be my leader/enders at the retreat this weekend.


My projects are packed – Orca Bay (Bonnie Hunter, String Fling) is in the box — ooh I need to go find my Flying Geese Ruler for “squaring” the geese  and put them in the box with the rest of the rulers I’m taking with me (12-1/2″ square, 6″ x 12″, Easy Angle and Companion Angle).

Under the box is the box with Jared Takes a Wife and the zipper bag with Candy Sunflower Seeds (The Chain Event by Dorothy Young).  In the flat zip bag is the fabric and instructions for my “August  C” done in black and batiks.

The plan for today is to make progress on Eeyore. I’d really like to have the applique done by before I go to the retreat.  We’ll see if that happens.


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Stash Report



Yesterday morning I saw a notice that the shop where I rent time on the long arm was having a sale on packaged batting. Since I used up the last of my Warm and Natural and this was less expensive than W&N on sale, I bought one to use on the Scrappy Trips quilt which I hope to get quilted in June.

The Tossed Cats and Magic Black came from another LQS. They were having a moving and bolt sale – both pieces were on sale.  The Cats will go with the paw prints I bought a few weeks back which in turn go with the panel I bought several years ago. I really need to start thinking about that quilt and gathering the rest of the fabric I’m going to need.  I hope I can pull it from my stash.

The Magic Black will be used in the Eeyore quilt.  I need to redo the fingerboard and tail piece on the bass without glitter.

So, what have I gotten done so far this weekend?  The red, black and white rail fence quilt is bound and headed to the wash. I ripped out about 6″ of the quilting on the brown quilt, then a friend offered to work on it while she watches TV — works for me.  Then last night after I finished the binding, I wasn’t quite ready to work on Eeyore, so I stitched some star points on JTAW while I finished listening to The Violin of Auschwitz by Maria Angels Anglada.

So, this week’s tally is:

Fabric added this week: 2.865 yards
Fabric added to date: 76.744 yards

Fabric used this week: 0 yards
Fabric used to date: 49.382 yards

Net used to date: -27.362 yards

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What’s On My Design Wall



After finishing up the Irish Chain quilt I needed to figure out what to work on.  I pulled out Orca Bay, thinking I was ready to attach the black and white corner pieces to the purple string triangles — only I found that the paper had not been removed from the triangles yet.  I did that and then got maybe 20 “geese” built when I decided I really needed a leader/ender project.

So, I pulled out Jared Takes a Wife, cut the pink squares and green star points and the green star points will be my leader/enders. Since I had the fabric cut I went ahead and made one block up.



Finally on Saturday, I quilted Sydney’s quilt for Samantha.  It still needs trimming and binding something to get done this week.


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April’s Recap



Here’s the April recap.

  • Bound a quilt for a friend
  • Started a hexie project
  • Made significant progress on Jared Takes A Wife
  • Knit 2 rows on the shawl
  • Hemmed a prom press
  • Completed the embroidery for the baby quilt and finished the top


Picking Colors

Last time I explained my UFO Logic which will allow me to participate in the Jared Takes A Wife Quilt-A-Long over on the Quiltville’s Open Studio Facebook page without any self-imposed guilt.  Today, I’m going to walk you through my fabric selection logic.

I started with the black & light 4-patches.


Next, what color do I want to make the quilt? Stacked on my ironing board because I finally unpacked my retreat bag is my purple fabric. I’m going to use this in the quilt.


It is supposed to go in the box with the pink. So, I best use pink too.


So, what goes with pink and purple?  How about green. My green & red box is overflowing. (There really is red in that box — just not much).


Actually it wasn’t quite this simple.  Well, the purple was. I passed through yellow & red star points before settling on green star points, pink center squares, and purple long points. But this is where it falls into place.

My yardage is kept in boxes together.  I knew I had a piece of green fabric that I purchased at a thrift store and thought it would be good for the star points and sashing.  As I was digging through my boxes I found a 2 yard piece of a purple paisley.  This is going to be my border.


I found a 2 1/2 yard length of a green – not the one I was looking for. This one is much better.


And finally I found a one yard piece of pink.


The lighting is off here, but I think this is going to be a great combination.


I scanned the fabrics and imported them into EQ7 and this is what I’ve come up with.


Now, if I can just refrain from making this my primary project. Eeyore is supposed to be worked on this month and he’s still in the box!