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Let the Trimming Begin

Late Monday night my brother arrived to help me on the trim work and to bring me the dining room furniture.

Tuesday he unloaded his tools from the trailer into the Quilt Studio. Then we spent a good part of day figuring out what we needed from Home Depot and Lowe’s.

The Home Depot trip was mainly bits and pieces and I didn’t get a picture. We came home, I took a work call, then we were off to Lowe’s.  The baseboard for everywhere that needs baseboard, a bit of quarter round where we didn’t replace the baseboard, door casing and trim and window trim for the living room and dining room.  They didn’t have everything we needed at the first store, so we had to make a second stop.  There is at a minimum one more run, as we don’t have the crown molding or the stuff for the Quilt Studio windows.  We questioned our notes and figured we had enough to begin the process.

Tom set up a saw horses to paint the trim in the backyard. Then he discovered the trim paint I have is oil based (the painters bought it for what they are doing), so he’s off to get paint.

The reason for the huge trailer is the furniture.  It was great to haul the trim in as well. After the trim in the backyard dries, we’ll do more.  Tom also brought me a gas grill.

Yesterday also brought the fabric for the rest of the chairs.  My design choices are causing a division.  People either love or hate the stripe.


It’s right up there with this lamp I’m considering hanging in the living room over the piano.  I need to go back to the consignment shop with a piece of the chair fabric to see if it ‘matches’ and take measurements.  Then I’ll have to decide how much I’m willing to pay since it will need rewiring as a swag lamp. That way if I eventually decide it’s not right over the piano I can use it somewhere else.

Food, Fabric, Fog, and Finishes

Food.  I made something new earlier this week. Beef Stir Fry. There was a package of beef in the freezer pre-cut into stir fry strips.  I’ve not been successful with making Chinese food, but thought I’d give it a go.  I used the Easy Beef Stir Fry recipe from Spend with Pennies and served it over rice noodles and garnished with sesame seed and the scallion tops.  My vegetables were mushrooms, red bell pepper, broccoli, snap peas, onion and carrots. I will be making this again. I didn’t think to take a picture of the meal, but Sherbert was ready to eat.

Fabric. First up the fabric for my version of Athena by GE Designs.  I’ve pulled all but 4 of the fabrics from my stash.  Of course, I haven’t cut the purple, so I don’t know if each piece is big enough for what I need.  I can work from strips since all my star points will be purple and I’m using the yellow as the accent.

Fabric Part 2 I will be recovering dining room chairs in the near future. I’ve purchased this stripe fabric for the two arm chairs from a local shop.

This purple will be for the side chairs. This was a special order at the local shop (15 yards!) and I only need 2 yards. After searching on line I found an on-line source where I could by it by the yard and sent for a swatch.  I don’t know if it’s the exact fabric, but I like it, so have ordered it.

On the way home fog was rolling in.

Finishes is used for the alliteration, but it’s really Window/Floor Trim that is needed to Finish my front rooms.  The windows are only about 10″ off the floor.  This is the combination I’m considering in the living room and dining room.  My brother will be here for 2 weeks starting Monday to help me with the trim work in the house, so I need to hurry up and make a decision.

New Floor, New Quilt

Tuesday the flooring guys were back.  The hall, office, and front 2 bedrooms now have flooring.  Now to get the baseboards in so the painters can come back.



Saturday I went to the local quilt shop for their ‘Sew What’s New’ event.  They had class samples and sale prices. I had no intention of buying anything and came home with Stripology Mixology 2 and the Creative Grids Flying Geese ruler. I went back and bought the Stripology XL Ruler, and now I have started my interpretation of Athena.


It looks like I have it figured out.

Quilting and Remodeling

There’s so much going on it’s hard to know where to start.  Q comes before R so we’ll start with Quilting.  One of my quilt guilds is doing a Pizza Box Quilt/Challenge/Round Robin. Whatever it’s called, I’ve put 2 yards of the multi-colored print as my focus fabric, 2 yards of the black as my background fabric and a fat half-yard of each of the other fabrics into a Pizza Box, along with this block.  I brought home someone else’s box and will make a block with their fabric and take it back next month.  We’ll keep swapping until there are 12 blocks in the box when we will get to see what everyone made.  This will be a quilt on next year’s UFO list.

Speaking of UFOs, I pulled out this whitework square that I started in 2005. I’ve been working on it all week. The spots are either tea or Diet Dr Pepper. I didn’t wash them out because it would have washed the quilting design out. My goal is for this to be my first finish of the year and the first UFO I cross off the list.  We’ll see.

The last bit of quilting is this new to me Accuquilt Go!Big.  I’ve had a bit of tennis/golf elbow and thought this will save some wear and tear on my joints.  It came with 9 dies and an 8″ Mix and Match Qube.  At the moment it is sitting on my folding cutting table which is open in the doorway between the Den and Quilting Studio.  I’ll need to figure out a more permanent solution.  Which I suppose is a good segue into the Remodeling portion of this post – if you are still reading.

The painters have been here all week. They’ll be here again on Thursday to put up the final coat of wall paint. This is the corner room. I had the shelves pulled out and between the light paint and the removal of the shelves this room feels so much bigger.

I pulled down the shelf on the far wall of this room as well. It just seemed to be too high on the wall. Another coat of paint is needed here as well. The paint in the two bedrooms is Crisp Linen.

This is the office which will be painted White Lilac – the same color as the Living Room and Dining Room.

With the paint done, the floor will get put down in these 3 rooms and the bedroom hallway next week.  Which means it’s time to get serious about the master bedroom and bath.

The paint is Crisp Linen, except for the window wall.  It will be Sherwin-Williams Danube.

I’ve picked this Akua mosaic tile for the accent, the white tile is the shower surround and the vanity counter and shower seat will be Snowflake granite. That’s the sum total of my planning, but need to get on the ball as by this rate I’ll be ready to start by the first of the month – not that any of the rooms will be finished – well maybe the front bedroom.




More Lighting

I’ve been debating the dining room light since I took down the old fixture and realized “doing it over” wasn’t really going to work.  I spotted this one at the lighting store before Christmas, but wasn’t sold on it.  I decided I need to get my table first. Then a chance remark at the quilt shop about antiques had me reaching out to my sister in regards to my parents dining room set. When I asked her if she thought if she would ever have a space for it, she said not in the foreseeable future and if I want it I can have it as long as it stays in the family.  So, I now know I will have a traditional cherry wood finish dining table, buffet and serving cart.  That sealed the deal and I raced to the store last Thursday to buy the light.  Even better news, is they were selling the display and it was 40% off.  I brought it home this afternoon.  I’ll get it hung after the table gets here.

The electricians were also called back.  My bathroom lights went out Wednesday sometime between 9:30 AM – 1:00 PM.  I thought maybe a bad breaker, but it turns out it was a break in the wiring.  While the electrician was here, we discussed the ceiling outlets in the Quilt Studio and the 3 phantom switches by the den door going into the Quilt Studio.  I think I can safely call the guys in to put the insulation in the ceiling over the Quilt Studio and Sunroom.



This morning the flooring guys arrived.  I left about 20 minutes after they arrived as I had a couple of appointments and got back about 20 minutes after they left.  When I walked in the backdoor I saw this.  The Quilt Studio.

The Sunroom:


I walked through the laundry/breakfast/kitchen into the Dining Room:

This is looking across the dining room into the living room and the foyer – which needs another coat of paint.

This is looking back into the living room from the foyer. 

The floor was stopped here until we can go down the hallway and into the bedrooms.  We laid this much so I can call for the piano – but I really need the the baseboard and crown molding put up first.  Once the piano is in the room, it’s not getting moved.  In the meantime, I need to see about ordering a couple of doormats – both inside and out so I can cut down on the amount of dirt that gets tracked in.

Light Switches

I hope that I can eventually do away with my labeling – or if not, do something more professional looking, but in the short term, I used a dry erase marker.

These are the switches by the main entrance to the Quilt Studio.  They are located on the laundry room wall.

The top panel and the panel by the back door are lined up identically.

  • LT – Track lights on the left by the driveway
  • CF – Ceiling Fans in the Quilt Studio
  • ML – Main lights in the studio
  • CP – Carport/Backdoor

Bottom Panel

  • Covered Switch – the ceiling duplex outlets
  • D – light over main door into the studio
  • RT – Track lights on the right by the patio
  • DW – Design Wall


Just as you walk into the Sunroom from the Quilt Studio on the patio wall there is another bank of switches

  • ML – Main Lights in the Quilt Studio
  • CF – Ceiling Fans in the Quilt Studio
  • RT – Right track lights
  • SR – Sunroom Ceiling Fan

There are 3 more switches in the space

  • Single switch for the Sunroom as you come out of the office
  • Single switch next to the design wall
  • Double switch by the patio door – the left one is for the patio lights and the right switch is for the security lights on the corner.

A Long Day

Wednesday I took the day off from work. I had 2 goals: 1 – talk to the guy about flooring and 2 – go look at crown moulding and baseboards.  The shops were in opposite directions, so the plan was to do flooring in the morning, come home and make a call, then look at moulding in the afternoon before capping off the day with a movie.

As I was getting ready to leave, my doorbell rang. It was an Amazon delivery and workers to fix the gable on the carport. I moved my car, came back inside and my brother called me.  I was late leaving for the floor place.

This is the final option – just as soon as I see the estimate.  I picked up 3 samples, brought them home and my contractor was here.  So he, my SIL and I wandered around the house with the samples and decided on this 7″ board.  The 9″ board was just too wide in my hallway.

I then hauled the samples back to the shop, and wandered over to the tile side of things.

I think this is the shower tile I’m going to go with. If I run the tile horizontally, I’ll do a 6″ band of the accent around the shower.  If I orient the tile vertically, I’ll do a 12″ band floor to ceiling behind the shower head.  I’ll like to run the accent in a band over the vanity as well.  I did not go in to pick shower stuff, but while I was there…..

We stopped for lunch at a brunch place.  That omelette was really good. Then it was off to the moulding place.  I brought a couple of samples home and will look at them closer tomorrow.  Of course at this point I realized I forgot my notebook at the flooring place, so back the other way.

Since there was an upholstery shop nearby, we stopped in. I don’t remember the background being as dark as it shows in this picture, but I suppose it’s possible.  I was looking at the flowers and leaves.

The colors of this stripe are more vivid as well.

After this we came home. I took a nap as we were going to the 7 PM showing of West Side Story – the 1961 version.  There was a 10 minute intermission!  During intermission I looked up the running time – 2 hours 33 minutes.  I could have used an intermission when I went to see No Time to Die a few weeks ago.

Now that I’ve seen the original which was not “modified from the original version to fit my TV Screen and running time” I might just have to see the Steven Spielberg version coming out in the next week or so.

Too Much Light?

There are 2 airports nearby. I might have to be concerned about aircraft trying to land on my house when I have all the lights turned on.

In Kansas City, my sewing area was lit by 2 ceiling fans over the longarm, each with a single bulb and a swing arm lamp by my sewing machine. Already I have more light since there are 3 bulbs in each fan.  All the lights in the room are LEDs.

I almost think the 5 strip lights give me enough light – at least to quilt. The light will be behind me when I’m at the sewing table.

I’m not sure of the exact angle of the lights yet, but these should be plenty if I’m cutting/pressing (under the far window) or sewing (under the near window).

I suspect these lights will only be used when friends are over quilting with me. There’s room for at least 3 sewing stations along that wall.

The design wall will be well lit.

I added a light by the back door.  I’ve bought light bulbs 3 times trying to get the right size/type.  Clearly I need to try again and get lower wattage so the neighbor doesn’t complain.  I have 2 of those fixtures for the patio which will be put up next week.

I just have a simple flat LED light in the “entryway” of the studio.

By comparison the Sunroom rather dark.

The electricians will be back next week to finish up.

Prime and Design

First a bit of quilting.

My quilt guild, Quilters By Hearts’ Desire, had their annual holiday dinner and ornament exchange on Monday.  The only requirement was that it had to be heart shaped and couldn’t be larger than 6″.  I made this after seeing similar felt and beaded ornaments at the Mississippi Quilt Association Fall Gathering.

I received these 3 crocheted hearts for my tree.

No, I did not have pizza for dinner last night.  QBHD is doing a Pizza Box Quilt.  We are to put in 2 yards each a background and focus fabric, plus at least yard of coordinating fabrics. Looking at the paper we are to attach to the box, it appears that we are to make a block to start off the swap. Since we are not meeting in December I’ll have until the January meeting to find my fabric and make the first block.

Last night the painters were here and they put up primmer specifically for “raw” sheetrock.  Paint is next.  I’ve been told they’ll be done by the end of the week and have the electricians lined up for next Monday.

Unfortunately that doesn’t mean I’ll get to move into the Quilt Studio.  I still need flooring.

The den is up next to get an overhaul.  I’m replacing the painted paneling with sheetrock and replacing the built-in cabinets which my brother and I tore out in July.


This is what I have designed. Now to find someone to make it.