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Recap and Goal Setting



In September I seem to have limited myself to three quilts. Batik August C, Star-A-Day and the binding on the DWR. Given the DWR and the Star-A-Day quilt are handwork I’m not surprised. Nothing like getting excited about finishing a quilt and/or starting a new quilt – although the new quilt seems to have taken priority.

So it’s October and time to set this month’s goals and the 4th quarter goals for the 2014 Finish Along.

Setting the October goals is easy. 31 Stars, at least half of the remaining binding on the DWR, September & October’s Alphabet BOM blocks and at least half the remaining Batik August C blocks.

The 4th Quarter Finish Along Goals on the other hand…

I always seem to be finishing something that I didn’t plan on finishing. This last quarter it was the Abbey Memories. So, I’m going to do a 4 part list: Realistic; Possible; Long Shots and Just Dreaming.



  • Finish DWR
  • Batik August C
  • String HST



  • Scrappy Trips
  • Christmas Row Quilt
  • Christmas Crazy 8s
  • Diamond Links
  • Thangles BOM Yellow


These are the quilts/knitting that I’ve said I wanted to finish this year and yet they haven’t been worked on this or have fallen by the wayside.


  • Green & Cream Swap
  • Compass Lone Star
  • Hancock Stars BOM
  • Hardware
  • Easy As Pie
  • AMB August A
  • Christmas BOM
  • Candy Sunflower Seeds
  • Jared Takes a Wife


These are quilts that I wanted to get the top done this year, but they don’t count for the Finish Along unless they are quilted. Stranger things have happened, so here they are.


  •  Orca Bay
  • Sew Scrappy
  • ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas #1
  • ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas #2

Of course having outlined all this I could still pull a quilt out of the stack of tops and quilt it, get a wild idea to work on one of my other UFOs — or start something new. After all I do need to think about Kalli’s graduation quilt and what about Bonnie Hunter’s winter mystery quilt….

I’ll update the link to the Goal Setting Party next week when it opens.

Eeyore is Done!


The Eeyore quilt is done and delivered!! 2 years 11 weeks after the initial goal — which with my quilting is right on time.  It is reversible on the off chance that at some point Eeyore is no longer a favorite character.


The back was cut from my music fabric collection.  Sydney not only plays viola and string bass, but is in the Performing Arts program in school.

Now the quilt statistics:

  • Started: May 12, 2012
  • Finished: August 22, 2014
  • Center is machine applique
  • No pattern – I took a picture I found on the internet and printed it poster sized and made my pattern from that.  The pattern for the letters were printed from my word processing software.
  • I used Clover Quick Bias for the purfling (1/8″) on the bass and the strings (1/4″)
  • The batting is Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 Fusible
  • I used Superior Bottom Line thread in black on the back and lavender on the top
  • Quilted on my home sewing machine
  • Size – I forgot to measure 🙁 Best guess is 65 x 80 before washing.

I need to say this UFO was on my lists in the following challenges:


A New Finish



Monday afternoon I rented time on the long arm and quilted this little quilt.  After washing it measures about 39″ square.  The pieced blocks were part of a Thangles BOM that I started in 2008. I only used 5 of the 12 blocks because I didn’t think all 12 of them went together well.  Another 5 are in another quilt and there are two which I suspect will end up in the orphan block box.

The batting is Hobbs Bleached Tuscany.  I used Superior’s Omni Thread in Verbena on the top and a lavender pre-wound bobbin in the bottom. For quilting, I did a “feathery” fill in the red squares, 1/2 feathers and echo around the pieced blocks, curved outlining of the black pieces in the blocks and attempted a circular filler in the borders.

I found a printed plaid in my stash that worked well for the backing.



This quilt is on several of my UFO goal lists for the year, including the 2014 Finish Along sponsored by The Littlest Thistle. I’ll update the link when I  link up.

Here’s the link to the 2nd Quarter Finish Party over at The Littlest Thistle and my 2nd Qtr list.

What’s On My Design Wall



This morning I have two things to show.  First up is Ladder to the Stars 2 – aka Deadline II.  This is the quilt I made back in October to test my pattern which was published yesterday in The Quilt Pattern Magazine.  Not only was I testing the pattern, I was also testing my quilting design.  It was an epic fail, so I backed up and punted to get the original Ladder to the Stars quilted.

A very good friend ripped out all of the quilting for me and then I spent the last part of the week quilting this on my sewing machine.  Curves in the sashing and straight lines in the blocks and setting triangles.  The border has a diamond cable.  I used bleached Warm and Natural batting and the thread – top & bottom – is — well shoot. I’ve lost the label — I’ve used it before so I’ll dig through the blog and find the information and add it to this post later.  cairo-quilt 100% cotton in Honey Gold.

After washing the quilt finished at 57″ x 68″.

This quilt is on several of my UFO goal lists for the year, including the 2014 Finish Along sponsored by The Littlest Thistle. I’ll update the link when I  link up.

In addition to finishing the quilt, I worked on my Jared Takes a Wife blocks.  Two more seams on each block to go.DW0602-JTAW


See what others are working on over at Patchwork Times.

Here’s the link to the 2nd Quarter Finish Party over at The Littlest Thistle and my 2nd Qtr list.

Finish Along 2014 – 2nd Quarter



It’s time to list my 2nd quarter finish along projects.  Of all the projects listed for the first quarter, I only finished the Tetris wall hanging.  If I’m going to completely finish 15 or 16 projects this year and complete 7 flimsies, I need to do better this quarter.

So, left to right top to bottom:

  • Hancock Stars BOM – working on it  quilt-as-you-go
  • Scrappy Trips (I finished the top last quarter – that’s progress, right?)
  • Christmas Row Swap – I have the batting and fabric for the backing
  • Easy As Pie – no, not quilting, but still counts for the Finish Along currently 136 stitches on the needle
  • String HST wall hanging – needs border and quilting
  • Music Baby Quilt – needs the borders & quilting – Finished 5/3/14
  • Purple Thangles BOM – need to make a decision about the backing and quilt it! Finished 6/23/14
  • Diamond Links – need to quilt about 3 rows and the border so I can bind it.
  • Yellow Thangles BOM – need to make a decision about the backing and quilt it!
  • DWR – need to finish quilting and bind – progress shown on right
  • Compass Lone Star – working on it quilt-as-you-go
  • Deadline II – may need to be re-quilted before binding – Finished 6/1/14
  • Eeyore – a long way to go
  • Cream and Green Swap – working on it quilt-as-you-go

As I did last quarter, I’m listing the quilts that I’ve decided to finish or may finish before the year is up.  I tend to wander in my quilting, so who knows what I’ll really work on this quarter. I can say that the Music Baby Quilt is first on the list. My best guess after that is Eeyore, the shawl, Scrappy Trips and Deadline II – that is if something new doesn’t pop up.

Check out the lists of what others are planning for this quarter by following the link over to The Littlest Thistle.

What’s On My Design Wall



Friday night I pulled out my Double Wedding Ring quilt and worked on it on and off over the weekend. All that is left to quilt are part of the end blocks.

To see what others have on their Design Walls follow the links over at Patchwork Times.

Finish Along 2014



I found another challenge to help keep me on task.  The Littlest Thistle is hosting the 2014 Finish Along. To participate make a list of your Finishes you anticipate you’ll complete this quarter and then link it up. Fortunately, there’s no penalty if you don’t finish something on your list and you can roll it over to next quarter. They do however have to be DONE, DONE, not just done to the top stage.  When you finish something on your list, write a post and get an entry to win a prize and more importantly the satisfaction of completing something. Oh, and it’s not limited to quilts.

Not that I think I’ll get through this list by the end of March,  I’ve decided to list nearly everything on my 2014 Tops to Quilt and Tops to Complete lists so I don’t have to make a decision today about what I’ll do tomorrow.

  • String HST Wall Hanging – needs border and quilting
  • Tetris QAL – needs quilting (shoot, I have the thing sandwiched!)
  • Hancock Stars BOM – working on it quilt as you go
  • Green & Cream Swap – working on it quilt as you go
  • Scrappy Trips – nearly a top, but won’t count until I get it quilted & bound for this challenge
  • Christmas Row Swap – I have the batting, and fabric for the backing
  • Compass Lone Star – still piecing stars and working on it quilt as you go
  • Eeyore – way early in the process as only Piglet is done
  • Diamond Links – need to quilt about 3 rows and the border so I can bind it.
  • Purple Thangles BOM – need to make a decision about the backing then quilt it!
  • Yellow Thangles BOM – need to make a decision about the backing then quilt it!
  • Double Wedding Ring – finish the hand quilting, my virtual progress can be seen on the sidebar.

The linky party for the 2014 1st Quarter Finish Along is HERE along with the official rules.