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40 Day Challenge – Day 40

Day 40.  I have one of the pieced borders done. Although I have enough HST to get all but 6″ of another border done I hit a wall when I discovered that I do not have enough fabric for the inner and outer border. At that point I started second guessing myself a 3rd or 4th time on how I plan to do the borders.  All I know for certain is that I need 1 3/4″ inner border before the ribbon/barber pole border.

Possible color options are light gray, dark gray, black, neutral, or a blue.

I have to buy more fabric in every situation except for the neutral – and I think it causes the border to float too much.

A brief recap of the last 40 days:

  • Bound 7 quilts
  • Added a label and delivered an overdue quilt
  • Caught up on my Star Studded BOM
  • Quilted & bound the log cabin quilt
  • Hemmed 8 pairs of pant for my niece’s wedding
  • Made 5 pillowcases
  • Completed the center of Frolic

The challenge kept me going and I’m pleased with what I accomplished. If I can figure out my border situation I’ll be able to knock the rest of the list out in the next week or two. I cannot plan on keeping this pace up.


40 Day Challenge – Day 1

I have the binding attached to the customer quilt.  This quilt is 96 x 107, so there is a lot of binding to do. I’m using Susie’s Magic Binding which means I should be able to finish it tonight.

40 Day Challenge

I’d like to get back to blogging about my quilting. It seems that I generally just post to Facebook anymore.  In one of my Facebook groups someone asked “What are you working on?” For me this morphed into this 40 Day challenge. My goal is to get everything on this list done.

This first picture is a stack of quilts that need to be bound.

  • A customer’s quilt – binding needs to be pressed, then can be attached and stitched down
  • Allietaire – plan do do both scallops and a 2 color binding.
  • Narragansett Blues
  • Sister Swap # 3 – The binding is made just needs to be attached and stitched down
  • Then & Now
  • Baby 4-Patch Stacked Posies
  • Tablerunner – Finally figured out what I am going to use

Believe it or not there’s more work in this pile than the binding pile.

The quilt with the striped backing needs a label and delivered

I’m behind on my Star Studded BOM. I have fabric for 11 or 12 large blocks and 23 6-inch blocks.

The log cabin quilt needs to be quilted bound and labeled.

The blue, black and white quilt is my Frolic the goal is to finish the top.

Although not quilting, there are 9 pair of pants which need to be shortened. This is driving the 40 days.

Bonus #1: Pillowcases for the customer quilt, Allietaire, Narragansett Blues, and the log cabin quilt (2)

Bonus #2: Pillowcases for quilts already completed – Christmas Crazy 8s, On Ringo Lake, En Provence (2), Carolina Chain, Good Fortune

Bonus #3: Quilt, bind, label and make pillowcase (2) for Frolic.

It should be an interesting 40 -45 days.

Susie’s Magic Binding



I’ve used Susie’s Magic Binding before, and I’ll use it again. I love it. It takes a bit more fabric than traditional binding and a bit longer to make, but once it’s attached to the quilt, it can be stitched down very quickly by machine.

This quilt is 65″ x 80″, so I would need 20″ of fabric with a traditional binding (I cut mine 2-1/2″ wide). Using Susie’s Magic Binding, I needed 26″ of fabric – 14″ of the accent fabric and 12″ of the main fabric. But, it only took 30 minutes to stitch it down – primarily because I don’t have to pin it except for the corners.

Next up the coordinating pillowcase (it’s cut) and the label.

What’s On My Design Wall


The binding is attached and I’m stitching it down. Now if I can figure out a good name for it. “Batik August C” simply is not going to work.

Check out other’s final projects of the year over at Patchwork Times.

Stash Report



Yesterday morning I saw a notice that the shop where I rent time on the long arm was having a sale on packaged batting. Since I used up the last of my Warm and Natural and this was less expensive than W&N on sale, I bought one to use on the Scrappy Trips quilt which I hope to get quilted in June.

The Tossed Cats and Magic Black came from another LQS. They were having a moving and bolt sale – both pieces were on sale.  The Cats will go with the paw prints I bought a few weeks back which in turn go with the panel I bought several years ago. I really need to start thinking about that quilt and gathering the rest of the fabric I’m going to need.  I hope I can pull it from my stash.

The Magic Black will be used in the Eeyore quilt.  I need to redo the fingerboard and tail piece on the bass without glitter.

So, what have I gotten done so far this weekend?  The red, black and white rail fence quilt is bound and headed to the wash. I ripped out about 6″ of the quilting on the brown quilt, then a friend offered to work on it while she watches TV — works for me.  Then last night after I finished the binding, I wasn’t quite ready to work on Eeyore, so I stitched some star points on JTAW while I finished listening to The Violin of Auschwitz by Maria Angels Anglada.

So, this week’s tally is:

Fabric added this week: 2.865 yards
Fabric added to date: 76.744 yards

Fabric used this week: 0 yards
Fabric used to date: 49.382 yards

Net used to date: -27.362 yards

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April’s Recap



Here’s the April recap.

  • Bound a quilt for a friend
  • Started a hexie project
  • Made significant progress on Jared Takes A Wife
  • Knit 2 rows on the shawl
  • Hemmed a prom press
  • Completed the embroidery for the baby quilt and finished the top


Cherry Frolic Completed

This morning before work I finished sewing the binding down on Cherry Frolic. I would say that 99% of the time, I machine sew my binding, but always have to go back and catch some that I missed. It’s gotten better, but today I can say I didn’t have to restitch any of it, and I caught all the corners.

I have to give thanks to Judy over at Patchwork Times. She was lamenting her large pile of quilts which needed binding and her readers talked her into machine stitching them. Here’s the link to her binding posts. I followed her hints and the binding on my quilt turned out the best yet.